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Parts of a Business

When you’re thinking about your business, you’re considering all aspects of it. This requires thinking about the different parts of your business, both individually and collectively. Hopefully this post will help you in that process. Hopefully, if you’re stuck or struggling with something, this will help you to get past that. Hopefully this can serve as another resource from Growing U to aid in running your business.

So, we’ll start here…

Parts of a business 

  • Operations 

  • Marketing 

  • Finance 

  • HR 

  • Legal 


This seems pretty self-explanatory, right?  Day to day functions of the business. 

Overseeing equipment 







How to get people in the door/buying your products, right? This is how to convince people to buy things that they don’t need or to convince them that yours is the best option for them to spend their money on.


How to manage people and risk management. HR is a legal department; we’re here to try and keep you out of court.


Who to call when risk becomes exposure. This is typically what happens when you don’t listen to your HR department and what we said would happen, happens.


What everyone hopes to increase exponentially 

Face it, no one goes into business for themselves because they enjoy working 80 hours a week and not making any money. 

Here are some additional thoughts for you to consider:

1. Businesses/organizations are fluid – they are in a constant state of flux.

2. Think of businesses/organizations as a living, breathing organism.

3. Each department is akin to an organ system.

  • If a department isn’t functioning properly it can affect the others.

  • If it goes on long enough the problem can become ‘systemic’.

4. HR professionals & I/O psychologists function in a similar capacity to physicians – they review, diagnose and treat the symptoms of the organization in order to restore it to its full functionality/profitability.

5. The health of the business depends on all departments functioning at peak performance.

Now, building on the analogy that your business is a living, breathing, dynamic organism, tell me this… you wouldn’t want someone who isn’t a professional to operate on you or a loved one, right? You don’t want your cousin, the auto mechanic, to perform your open heart surgery. Right? While this example may seem ridiculous, this is essentially what you’re doing to yourself and your business when you don’t hire (and trust) the professionals to do their jobs. Unless you are a CPA, an HR professional, an attorney specializing in employment law, a safety inspector, a marketing expert, a sales expert, and every other professional needed to successfully run a business then you are only hurting yourself in the long run.

In all seriousness, we aren’t here to try to do a sales pitch on you. We’re here to try and help you and your business thrive, but we can’t help you unless you let us.

Let us help you.

Growing U

Carrie Ray